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Core Features

The same great features as Career Search, but with advertising to reduce the cost!  We have only taken out the number of positions of each occupation out of this version.


Containing information on over 1,000 jobs, along with the key statistics related to nearly all major areas in the United States, it answers questions such as:

* What are the highest paid occupations in your community?
* What education level do nurses typically have?
* Where should you live if you want to be an umpire?
* What do aerospace engineers really do?
* Where are the highest paying jobs for teachers?
* What is the average salary of a cab driver?

Once you find the occupation of your dreams, you can even find jobs that are now available in your area. Our search engine looks at thousands of direct company websites to find current openings for you.

* Great for students trying to decide what they want to do after graduating.
* Great for professionals trying to understand how they compare to others in their profession.
* Great for tourists who want to know what people do for work in a given location.
* Great for HR professionals researching salary levels.
* Besides, aren’t you “dying” to know what morticians make? Don’t you want to learn where “hot” professions like explosives workers are employed?

Give it a try! You’ll love it!

What Users are Saying
  • After being let go from a job, I needed to explore my options.  What careers were located in my area that I could use my skills towards.  This app helped me find leads...Probably the most affordable help I received.  Thank you!
  • Trying to figure out what to study in college, and I had no idea where to turn to for guidance.  This App was great, as it both gave ideas, and helped me rule out a few careers that just weren't what I thought...
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