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Firefighter Calculator AppFeatured in IFSTA’s Speaking of Fire series as well as in Fire Chief Magazine, and consistently one of the Top Apps in its category, Firefighter Calculator aims to help with training and complex fire ground calculations.  Unlike the typical pump calculator, this App features Foam Calculations, Critical Flow, as well as simple and more complex hose lays for pump pressures.
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Core features

Multiple built-in calculators are included — it’s not just your basic pump calculator!  With the ability to set your units for US, Metric or Imperial units of measure — this App is ready for the world.

Calculate Discharge Pressures Accurate & Fast

Simple Pre-Connect run 200’ to the door? Complex setup with 2” to a Wye with 1 ¾” lines up 20’. What pressure do you set at the pump?

Foam Application Know How Much & How Fast.

Estimate the spill area or the diameter of the tank and quickly and accurately know how much foam concentrate is needed.

Critical Incident Calculation. How Much Water is Needed?

What’s on fire? A bedroom, a pole barn? Estimated areas yield calculation of water flow needed to extinguish the fire.


Size Estimation Built-In.

Automated estimations for frequently needed items. Square footage of a room, a house, a barn.

Smooth Tip Flow & Pressure Know Your Flow.

Smooth bore tip calculations allow accurate understanding of flow for given pressure or vice-a-versa.

Perfect for Training Scenarios Quickly Calculated.

Quickly setup scenarios and vary scenarios and see the outcome.  Great for classrooms or studying on your own.

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