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A2app.com is a small team of people from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The initial application, Firefighter Calculator, aims to help firefighters quickly and accurately calculate flow rates for both normal situations, as well as more complex foam and multi-line attack situations. The second and third applications, Career Search and Salary Search, help people find professions that fit their interests.

Alan Jacobson, the principle developer of Firefighter Calculator, is still a rookie firefighter after approximately 20 years of EMS and 10 years of firefighting experience. Most of the real technical knowledge contained in the Firefighter Calculator application is from the far more experienced firefighters and officers of Pittsfield Township Fire Department that graciously provided pointers.

Career Search and Salary Search apps help people with the daunting task of figuring out what to be professionally.

We try to make our apps easy to use, simple enough for firefighters in training, like the recruits you see below. We hope you enjoy all of our apps, and find them useful in your endeavors!

Our specialisation

App Development

App development

We develop world-class apps for all devices.  All of our apps have received top rankings in the Apple Appstore as well as Google Play (Top 100 numerous times).

Website Development

We can create a website for your business that can communicate your message and drive a result.  Whether big or small, a2app.com is able to deliver results quickly, and affordably.

IT Consulting

With over 25 years of IT experience with major corporations and startup organizations, we are well versed in what it takes to succeed on nearly any type of IT project.

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